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Reiseführer Afrika - Senegal
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This new, thoroughly updated edition of Bradt's Senegal continues to offer far and away the greatest depth of coverage for this increasingly popular part of West Africa. With over 350 pages of detailed description and over 40 maps, this remains the definitive source of information to a country that is often described as the whole of West Africa in microcosm. This new edition includes details of the rapidly changing transport situation, notably the opening of the new international airport and the first bridge to span the Gambia River. All regions of the country are covered, including detailed information on access to Senegal's national parks, with detailed maps, itineraries, and practical information on transport, accommodation and eating for each region. Senegal boasts a variety of landscapes and cultures that belie its compact size. Northern desert wilds give way to the rain-soaked Casamance, fringed by hundreds of kilometres of pristine beaches and the fantastically frenetic capital city, Dakar, surrounded by ocean and proudly perched at the westernmost point on the African continent. This smorgasbord of landscapes is all accessible within a day's travel, making Senegal the perfect choice for anyone looking to sink their teeth into West Africa, for the first time or the hundredth. Natural assets aside, Senegal is home to a world of man-made delectations: Dakar's nightclubs throb well into the morning hours and offer a rare chance to dance yourself silly with superstar musicians on their home turf. With one of Africa's most prolific arts scenes, Senegal attracts numerous visitors for its cultural attractions, and this book provides a thorough and accessible introduction to the music, art, film, and literature of this most creative of countries. Beyond the capital, Saint-Louis' charm is an enchanting throwback to the colonial glamour of the 19th century, and sleepy Ile de Goree is a haunting testament to colonial horror, as visitors peer through the door of no return, where thousands destined for the Americas glimpsed their homes for the final time. With all new first-hand research, Bradt's Senegal is the only guide ready to take you to all corners of this enchanting land.

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'Strange Fruit' and Other Songs, m. Audio-CD
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Das im Jahre 1939 von der afro-amerikanischen Sängerin Billie Holiday im New Yorker Nightclub The Café Society gesungene Musikstück „Strange Fruit“ beschreibt die Schönheit und Eleganz der amerikanischen Südstaaten und kontrastiert sie in drastischer Weise mit der brutalen Realität der Lynchmorde, die vor allem im Süden der USA begangen wurden. Das TIME Magazine kürte den Song 1999 zu dem Song des 20. Jahrhunderts. Auch durch die ausdrucksstarke Vortragsweise Billie Holidays erlangte das Lied schnell internationale Bekanntheit und wurde zum musikalischen Ausdruck der amerikanischen Bürgerrechtsbewegung sowie zum Vorläufer für Protestsongs von Bob Dylan oder Nina Simone. Das Musikstück kann im Unterricht der Sekundarstufe II im thematischen Zusammenhang von Civil Rights Movement, racism, segregation (Vorschläge für Unterrichtssequenzen im Unterrichtsmodell) sowie innerhalb des übergreifenden Themenbereiches American Dream eingesetzt werden. Die beiliegende Audio-CD enthält neben der Originalaufnahme von Billie Holiday moderne Bearbeitungen sowie weitere Protestsongs, die auf das berühmte Original Bezug nehmen. Contents: Getting started - Der Inhalt - Vorüberlegungen zum Einsatz der Materialien im Unterricht - Klausuren - Konzeption des Unterrichtsmodells - Components - Weiterführende Literatur/Medien/Materialien - CD-Verzeichnis - Bildnachweis Component 1: The song Strange Fruit and its background: A song about lynching - The songwriter and the original performer (text) - Political cabaret and jazz clubs in Harlem and Greenwich Village Component 2: Lynching - historical and literary approaches: The historical background of lynching - A short story about lynching - Poetical approaches to lynching - The 'cases' Emmett Till and Medgar Evers and reactions of artists - Dealing with the horrors of the past Component 3: Political protest songs in the tradition of the Civil Rights Movement: Looking at history - The Civil Rights Movement reflected in (protest) songs - Segregation and racism reflected in songs

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