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The Gideon Lowry Key West Mysteries: Box Set , ...
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Killing Me Softly introduces Key West private eye Gideon Lowry, who moonlights as a piano player at a local jazz club. When Virginia Murphy shows up one night to ask him to investigate her sister's death 40 years earlier, Gideon is led down the darker side of memory lane where secrets linger. Some are buried as deeply as the paradise that was once Key West, now entombed in concrete.Key West's Hemingway Days is in full swing in Night and Day, when Gideon is pulled into the world of a famous nightclub singer known only as Asia. In search of her estranged husband, Frank Maguire, Asia hires Gideon to find him. A writer, Maguire is lost in the reverie of his obsession with Hemingway. It's the easiest 1,000 bucks Gideon's made, but keeping Maguire alive proves impossible. Caught at the wrong end of a 12-gauge shotgun, Maguire's exit is either suicide of murder. Gideon vows to uncover the truth even if it runs against the tide of the almighty tourist trade.In Love for Sale, marriage is in the air. First, Just Watson, a reclusive circuit judge and Gideon's distant cousin, announces his wedding. A few days later, an old flame calls Gideon to say that she's also getting married. Amidst all the romance, Gideon is caught up in the death of a young woman who was working for a local escort service. Katy Morgan is a fragile reminder of his long-lost youth. When she's found dead in a seedy trailer park, he seeks justice in a case that will lead him through a tangled web of deceit in the lucrative treasure salvage industry whose poisonous tentacles seem to touch everyone.Trying to save his home and neighborhood from ruthless developers in Blue Moon, Gideon gets caught up in a case that will take him from Key West to the Wild West. After a suspicious fire nearly destroys his home, Gideon suspects that real estate magnate Fred Pacey may have resorted to arson. Pacey's right-hand man is Roy Emerson, a newcomer to Key West, who has a h 1. Language: English. Narrator: David A. Wood. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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