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Chilling tales in this new audio collection by L. Ron Hubbard. Included are: Dead Men Kill, The Carnival of Death, Spy Killer, The Chee-Chalker and The Iron Duke. Dead Men Kill When several of the city's most respected citizens are inexplicably killed by what appear to be zombies, all Detective Terry Lane has to go on is a blue-grey glove, a Haitian pharmacy bill for some very unusual drugs, and a death threat from a mysterious stranger. Matters are soon complicated when a beautiful nightclub singer shows up, claiming to have information that could solve the case. The Carnival of Death Join Bob Clark, an undercover U.S. Treasury agent who, in the course of an investigation at a carnival, stumbles upon a series of headless corpses and now must solve the murders. But a local drug ring and four escaped headhunters have other plans. Spy Killer Kurt Reid may be innocent of the murder he's charged with (and of grand larceny, for that matter), but he's got no time to be thrown in jail and defend himself. Instead, Reid flees to pre-Communist China and Shanghai, the exotic city of mystery and death. The Chee-Chalker FBI agent Bill Norton has been sent to Ketchikan, Alaska to track down his former boss, who's vanished while investigating a heroin smuggling ring. Norton instantly suspects the smugglers are operating from inside the local fishing fleet. But six months and a string of declared "accidental" drownings have failed to turn up any clues. The Iron Duke American arms merchant Blacky Lee is wanted by nearly every government in 1930s Europe - especially the Nazis. They want Blacky's head for selling them dud weapons, prompting his rapid (and illegal) escape across the Balkans to the kingdom of Aldoria with his business partner in tow. 1. Language: English. Narrator: R. F. Daley, Jennifer Aspen, Lori Jablons, John Mariano, Matt Scott, Jim Meskimen, Jason Faunt, Tait Ruppert. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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